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Closing The Gap, On The Future Of Climate Change

2021 has been a big year, with no shortage of dramatic news headlines filling our feeds, as the world has grappled with navigating a world with COVID-19. Pandemic aside, another topic with even greater importance, and one that we will not be shifting our focus and energy away from, is the climate crisis. 

In November, 200 diplomats from nearly 200 countries came together and struck an agreement to intensify global efforts to fight climate change in reaction to The Glasgow Climate Pact.

Key commitments being:
- Deforestation to end by 2030
- Revised emissions target to achieve the maximum increase of 1.5 degrees celsius
- Accelerated fossil fuel & coal phase out agreed
- More than 100 countries signed to slash methane
- Global giants US & China commit to work together for climate action

There is a lot to be done to save our planet, and action needs to be taken… NOW.

Starting the journey is extremely tough, and if we do not even understand the issue at hand to begin with, how can we possibly do, or expect others to do anything about it?


A carbon neutral solution for businesses
Born from the need to educate and accelerate businesses in their journey to carbon neutral, climagap.com was created. climagap.com enables Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to effortlessly identify their carbon footprint, via a comprehensive carbon calculator which was created with the University of California Berkeley's Cool Climate Network, and to then share their journey to carbon neutrality with the world.

“Your marketing content is ready from the minute you start your journey, and we provide new and engaging templates every month,” said Byron Munson, Chief Executive Officer of Climagap.

The benefits of starting a journey to carbon neutral, as a small and medium sized enterprise, extends far beyond positive environmental impact.

Consumer care, in a study by Mckinsey 66% of all respondents, and 75% of millennials repoted considering the environment before making a purchase. Your employees care as well: in a survey by Censuswide Almost two-thirds (65%) of employees in UK Offices said that they were more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies. So by starting your carbon neutral journey, businesses can engage with new customers, attract top talent, reaffirm relationships with existing customers and excite employees at the same time.

SMEs play an outsized role in their ability to impact climate change. Despite their relatively smaller size, they comprise 90% of businesses and employ two out of three employees across OECD countries. By harnessing the power of these businesses, together, we can drive significant and lasting environmental change. 


Why climate action matters
A study by SmartestEnergy revealed that 81% of people prefer to buy from sustainable sellers, and as per Barron’s research, 69% of environmentally-conscious buyers are willing to pay a premium for recycled products with more than half of these buyers ready to change their shopping habits to reduce negative impact on the environment.

So, with consumers increasingly favouring brands with a commitment to environmental sustainability, and employees actively seeking out employers that do the same, actively embracing carbon neutrality as a business is genuinely GOOD for business.


How to take action… today
“Taking the first step towards carbon neutrality can feel overwhelming. But climagap take the hard work out of making that first step and supports clients every step of the way. We believe your journey to carbon neutral is both Good for Business, Great for the Planet!”  Byron, CEO climagap.

Simply put, climagap is a launch pad for over 400 million SMEs to neutralize their carbon footprint. We’ve made it super simple for SMEs to both start and then share their carbon neutral journey story with customers around the world. 

Your story will come alive with professionally designed marketing materials, to aid in generating interest, attracting new customers, and driving footfall. Your marketing content is ready from the minute you start your journey, and we provide new templates every month.

Start your journey today!


Good for Business, Great for the Planet.