Travel Green?


Can travel be green?

Slowly but surely, countries are reopening their borders to foreign visitors (Omicron, may slow this down…), and talks of travel, whether for business or leisure, no longer feel like a far away dream, but for many, an achievable reality. 

What we can quickly forget though, is just how harmful travel can be to the environment.

An average car emits 192g of CO2e per km, and for aircraft the damage is closer to 255g of CO2e per km

This has us asking:

Is there a way travel can be green?

And is it possible to both travel AND protect the environment at the same time?

Short answer: No!

BUT that doesn't mean we can't make an effort to travel as sustainable as possible. 

Here are climagap’s 5 tips to travel sustainably: 

- Consider online conferences: One of the best things (for the environment!) that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic was the access to and use of online meeting tools Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet to work together from the comfort of our homes. Before booking travel for conferences and future meetings, ask yourself (and your team) whether this could be an online event instead of in person. You can save so much on travel expenses, avoid long tedious commutes, and even skip the jetlag too. 

- Get active to commute: You can cut approximately 75% of your emissions by choosing to cycle, walk or swap to public transport instead of driving your own car into work. Why not make a friendly competition between colleagues to find the “greenest” commuter in your team? 

- Take the train for short-haul trips: Did you know that taking the train instead of flying from London to Manchester could lower the impact from emissions by 80% (from an estimated 60kg CO2e to 12kg CO2e) - while it takes an hour longer this usually evens out when you factor in going to the airport and boarding. 

- Offset the "inevitable" with our projects: The three tips above can help you significantly cut down your travel emissions, but likely not all of them. For these “unavoidable emissions”, you can offset. If you want to learn more about offsets check out our offset projects.

If you want to find out how much your office emits from travel; and how making a commitment to sustainability might impact your footprint go to our carbon calculator.

Good for Business, Great for the Planet!