Frequently Asked Questions

How did Climagap start?

Climagap came about from trying to solve a business problem. Looking at the looming climate crisis, we found that for most businesses taking action still felt complex and costly. Climagap wants to help accelerate climate action, by making it simple and easy to take the first step towards carbon neutrality. This is why we provide a Carbon Footprint Calculator specifically targetting small to medium size businesses and a suite of Offset Projects you can invest in directly to go carbon neutral.

What services do you offer?

We offer a carbon calculator and Offset Projects of diffrent types and social impacts for your business to support. Choosing one is as easy as shopping for a T-shirt online.

What happens when I place an order?

When you place your order, you will receive an automated invoice of the purchase. Climagap will then send you a certificate of the carbon credits that you have offset. A Certificate of Retirement will follow. With this certificate, you will recieve a unique serial number that can be tracked through to a verified carbon offset registry. This means the carbon credit is now officially "retired" and cannot be resold to third party.

What is a carbon footprint?

According to WHO, carbon footprint measures how much all of your activities (going to work in your company car, manufacturing your products, etc.) contribute to the planet’s carbon dioxide (CO2) levels. It is measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Your carbon footprint can be offset through the purchase of carbon credits.

How does your carbon footprint calculator work?

Climagap's Carbon Footprint Calculator uses your specified location, sector and size to estimate your company's carbon footprint.
The pre-populated inputs are based on country and sector specific standards. You can change the auto-populated inputs based on your enterprise's specific circumstances. The calculator divides the footprint into information about your facilities, transportation, food and prodcurement. On the basis of your inputs the calculator will provide you with you business' carbon footprint - including a full breakdown of where your emissions come from.

Our calculator is created in a partnership with the University of California Berkeley's Cool Climate Network.

To accurately estimate your carbon emissions, our calculator relies on data from internationally-recognized sources, including Carnegie Mellon University's Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment(EIO-LCA), the Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), the Energy Information Agency (EIA), and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Click here for a full breakdown of the calculator's methodology.

What do I need to prepare to calculate my carbon footprint?

For more detailed information on how to use the calculator, please refer to our dedicated calculator FAQ.

How do carbon offsets work?

Carbon offsetting is one way your business can reduce its carbon footprint. When you buy carbon offsets, you are investing in projects that support the development of clean energy (eg windfarms or solar), or carbon sinks (eg forrest devleopment or ecosystem protection).

The projects take carbon out of the atmosphere, counteracting the impact of the carbon that has been emitted through your business practices.

Carbon offsetting is complimentary to mitigating, buy engaging in more sustainable business practices.

In addition, to taking carbon out of the atmosphere it is also a way of protecting eco-systems as well as accelerating clean energy practices.

How much does it cost to offset my businesses carbon footprint?

Your costs to offset your carbon footprints to offset your carbon footprints depend on two factors: 

(1) the carbon emissions of your business activities: Some companies have bigger teams, more manufacturing-intensive products, and need to travel than others. All these factors contribute to your carbon emissions level. You can estimate this level for your business via our carbon footprint calculator

(2) the nature of the carbon emissions reduction project: different projects entail different costs to operate, scale and sustain in the long run. Many also deliver additional benefits to its community, like planting more trees, saving the coral reefs, providing access to clean water. Browse our different projects here. We take into account these factors to price the carbon offset.

From these factors, your carbon offset costs can be calculated with a simple formula:

Carbon offset cost ($)  = (1) your business carbon emission level (tonne) x (2) cost per tonne of carbon emission reduction of the project(s) you support ($)

Do you provide a certification? And if so, what type?

For every carbon offset made through Climagap we will provide you with a receipt and a Certificate of Purchase, as well as a Certificate of Retirement.
The certificates detail the projects you have supported, as well as the amount offset. You can share your certifiation with your stakeholders to spread the news about your good work.

If you subscribe, or set up an account, you can log in anytime to see a full listing of all the carbon credits you have purchased and offset.

How can you prove my impact?

All Climagap projects are carefully selected to meet the most stringent verification standards by reliable organizations in the field,
like Gold Standard and Verra. Projects certified through these certification bodies have gone through rigerous due diligence which provides you with transparency and confidence that your investment is put to good use. We will provide you a Certificate of Retirement as proof that you have retired carbon credits from a specific project. The certificate includes a registry code which will enable you to track your purchase directly to a registry.

Which businesses can use your services?

Our services are optimised for professional services. We want our services to help your business start taking climate action, so if you are in a different industry get in touch and let's see how we can help you.

What makes Climagap different from other providers?

Four reasons why you should begin your climate action journey with Climagap:

- Catch up with consumers: 60% of consumers may choose your brand over a competitor, if it could help them reduce their environmental impact. With Climagap, you can finance environmental projects with social causes that resonate with your customers, and reassure their purchases as a carbon-conscious company.

- Retain your business activities: purchasing carbon credits offsets the carbon emissions of your business activities without altering them. Thus, you can save the planet without shaking up your value chain.

- Transparency: On Climagap tools, you will always have transparent information on offset amount, and progress in Australia’s fight against climate change.

- Simplify your journey: With Climagap, offsetting your carbon emissions is as simple as purchasing a T-shirt online. No more navigating through mazes of regulations and scouring online for projects.

Can you provide a demo of your services (calculator, carbon offsets, subscription packages)?

Please send us a message with the subject "demo" and our team will walk you through our services step-by-step.

Still can’t find an answer?

Our team will be more than happy to resolve your queries directly!

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