Subscribing to Climagap is an easy way for your business to start your carbon neutral journey.  As part of your subscription Climagap will provide the following monthly services:


Every month our team will select a Gold Standard or Verra certified carbon offsetting project to retire carbon from. Climagap works exclusively with Verra or Gold Standard certified projects to ensure that our clients retire carbon credits from projects that are transparent and of a high quality. You can learn more about what a carbon credit is and how carbon offsetting works here.

A selection of the projects we have already retired carbon credits from is available here.

We will provide you with information about the project we have selected every month via email. 


Retiring Carbon Credits 

After a project has been identified, our team will go ahead and retire carbon credits from the selected project. Your company will receive a Certificate of Retirement every month, which will form proof that your company has retired a certain amount of carbon through Climagap. 

This is an example of the Certificate of Retirement you will receive. The Certificate of Retirement will be delivered directly to your email inbox, every month.

The amount of carbon removed is directly related to the package you choose. If you select a starter package for example, Climagap will retire the equivalent of the average carbon footprint of 10 employees.The average carbon footprint per employee across the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore is 7.5 tCO2e per year.

The average carbon footprint per employee has been calculated using the Climagap small business footprint calculator. Our business calculator has been developed together with the Cool Climate Network at the University of California Berkeley. You can calculate your company's actual carbon footprint by using the calculator here

By offsetting carbon on a monthly basis your company will be that much closer to carbon neutrality. 

Communicate Your Journey

At the same time you receive your Certificate of Retirement Climagap will provide you with communications templates directly related to the project your company has retired carbon credits from that month.

The communications templates are tailored to fit the requirements of the most popular social platforms for commerce: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but are in a format where they can be adapted by your team to be shared elsewhere.

We will deliver the templates directly into your email inbox every month, with a full breakdown of how to use them across the four pre-identified platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

We partner with leading creative agencies to provide stunning visual templates and copy that make it easy for you to communicate your carbon neutral journey to your commercial stakeholders - including customers, employees and investors.

Examples of how the templates would look in your feed:


Cancel Any Time

When you sign up you only commit to the pre-defined time period (monthly, or annual). Your subscription plan will auto-renew, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

Climagap is committed to transparency and will soon be launching a ledger where you will be able to track the total amount of credits offset through Climagap along with the underlying blockchain to track the retirement directly to the source.

You can view the full terms and conditions here.


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Subscribe today to start your carbon neutral journey and let Climagap source, select, retire and create your climate offsetting, so that all you have to do is share your good work.